It’s winter now and there’s nothing cozier than sitting around a fireplace and sipping hot chocolate or tea. If you are looking for inspirations for fireplace designs, these stone fireplace ideas are what you need.

How to incorporate moss into your home decor? There’s a plenty of ways! Moss balls can be placed in all kinds of vases and bowls to form cool centerpieces. Moss can be used to cover tables, chairs, bowls, boxes and other stuff to give them a springy look,

Unique closet design ideas will definitely help you utilize your closet space appropriately. An ideal closet design is probably the only avenue towards good storage space. These minimalist closet design ideas will inspire everyone.

Going to design a functional space? Pick minimalist style! Today I’m sharing my faves among minimalist closets – laconic, functional and clean. A closet is often a small space, so minimalist style will help you to use every inch of it and keep it uncluttered.

Cherry blossom decor can be incorporated into home decor, go for decals on the walls, for decor on tiles, removable decals on the wallpaper and so on. You can rock any shades, any styles and looks – this is your cool spring-like artwork! Have fun!

Have you recently started running a business from home? If so, you’ll now be at the stage where you’re looking for ideas on decorating your home office. Here are a number of spring home office decoration ideas that will really bring the feel of spring to your workspace.

Having an indoor courtyard is a refreshing idea at home. There are a lot of cool and easy indoor courtyard designs you can replicate by yourself. Here are some ideas we have gathered to inspire you.

An indoor courtyard is ideal if you don’t have good weather conditions or space outside. Another advantage of an indoor courtyard is that you can enjoy nature and greenery at any season as inside it’s always warm. Enjoy the indoor courtyard design ideas below!