Choosing a specific style for your living room can be a hard decision, and sometimes you just can’t decide. Here are a number of cool eclectic living room design ideas to inspire you.

Black is considered as the symbol of elegance. It is no surprising if a lot of people want to decorate their living room in black. Here, we have collected 30 dark moody living room decoration ideas for you.

A traditional red living room design is very bold. Meanwhile, if you choose green to dominate the entire look of your living room styled traditionally, you will find it softer and feel cool. Take a look at the following traditional green living room design ideas and get your own inspirations.

A traditional living room is great to go with black walls. Or if you are a blue lover, you will find that your favorite color looks so stylish to dominate your living room color. Just take a look at these traditional blue living room ideas that we gathered here. They look pretty stylish. Sure, you’ll love them indeed.