What to Put on a Blank Wall in Living Room: These Unique Things to Inspire You

art wall painting

When it comes to decorating a blank wall in your living room, there are numerous options to consider. Here are some ideas to inspire you:


Hang a large painting, a gallery wall of smaller art pieces, or a statement art print to add color, texture, and visual interest to the space. You can choose artwork that complements your existing color scheme or opt for something bold to create a focal point.


Place a decorative mirror or a collection of mirrors on the wall to create the illusion of more space and reflect light, making the room feel brighter and more open.

Wall Shelves

Install floating shelves or wall-mounted shelving units to display decorative items, such as books, plants, or unique sculptures. This not only adds visual appeal but also provides functional storage.

Wall Clock

Hang a stylish wall clock that matches your decor theme. It can serve as a decorative element while also being a practical addition.

Textile Hangings

Consider hanging a textile art piece, such as a tapestry, quilt, or woven wall hanging, to introduce texture and warmth to the room.

Wall Decals or Wallpaper

Use removable wall decals or wallpaper to add patterns, textures, or thematic elements to the wall. These can be easily changed or removed if you want to update your decor later.

Gallery Wall

Create a gallery wall by hanging a collection of art or photographs in a grid or other arrangement.


Add some greenery to your space by hanging plants on the wall in decorative planters.

Ultimately, the best option for your blank wall will depend on your personal style and the overall aesthetic of your living room. Don't be afraid to experiment and try different things until you find the perfect fit!

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