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And across Europe wood burning is. Indoor burning of fuel for heating or cooking releases carcinogens.

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Trendy wood burners TRIPLE the level of harmful pollution particles inside homes and should be sold with a health warning study claims Researchers.

Wood burning stove indoor pollution. If people want to. Scientists have found that wood burning stoves are choking the British atmosphere adding to the smoke particles from traffic industry and. Little is known about the impact of indoor air pollution from wood-burning stoves or fireplaces on breast cancer risk.

One article was based on a report published by Atmosphere on 7th December by Sheffield and Nottingham universities entitled Indoor air pollution from residential stoves and most recently an article in most of the major nationals in which the British Lung Foundation and. If wood-burning is affecting air quality in your neighborhood. The same study attests the role of education in mitigating wood smoke pollution.

Such wood stoves create ashes soot and creosote as byproducts and these are among the main pollutants from wood stoves that worsen your indoor air quality. You may well have seen over the 2020 Christmas period a number of newspaper articles about wood burning stoves. In August 2007 and winters of 2007 and 2008 in a little mo.

The research doesnt seek to explain how other factors influencing indoor air pollution have been excluded to sufficiently separate out the impact of a wood burning stove. The biggest health threat from wood smoke comes from fine particles also called particulate matter. For example the fact the indoor air pollution arises between 6pm and 10pm is taken.

If wood stoves are not properly vented they can give off particulates and nitrogen dioxide. It also minimises sooty deposits building up in your chimney which can be a fire hazard. Wood-burning stoves have been found under some conditions to contribute to indoor concentrations of carbon monoxide nitric oxide nitrogen dioxide and.

In a large prospective cohort study we evaluated the risk of breast cancer in relation to indoor heating and cooking practices. Children older adults and people with lung disease cardiovascular disease or diabetes should remain indoors and avoid breathing smoke ashes and other pollution in the area. That said the chances of you getting wood stoves that burn imperfectly these days are very low.

In London and Birmingham Kings College researchers reported wood accounted for up to 31 of locally produced particulates. The major indoor combustion pollutants are carbon monoxide CO nitrogen dioxide NO 2 fine and ultrafine particles polycyclic aromatic. It also releases black carbon a powerful short-lived pollutant that can accelerate the.

Theres some evidence that asthmatics might have problems from wood stoves. This study evaluates effects of good burning practice and correct installation and management of wood heaters on indoor air pollution in an Italian rural area. Wood stoves hydronic heaters and other appliances are often used 24-hours a day which can substantially worsen air quality outdoors.

Burning wood for energy releases more carbon than burning coal and it is speeding up climate warming. Combustion pollutants are the gases and particles made by burning any fuel such as wood natural gas kerosene charcoal or tobacco. Burning dry wood is more efficient as energy wont be wasted having to burn off the water first so the heat output will be higher.

Smoke is made up of a complex mixture of gases and fine microscopic particles produced when wood and other organic matter burn. It is recommended that people living with those particularly susceptible to air pollution such as children the elderly or vulnerable avoid using wood-burning stoves. To help reduce potentially harmful emissions from your stove only burn wood with 20 or less moisture content.

Improved cooking stoves may be a way to reduce exposure to indoor air pollution improve health and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. This is largely supported by observational field studies and laboratory experiments.

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