19+ Best Wood Burning Cook Stove Restoration

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Antique stoves are our passion. Charm Crawford was one of the models made when wood stoves were the primary source of heat.

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These stoves will heat up 2000-5000sf depending on the model the space layout and house insulation.

Wood burning cook stove restoration. My Grandfather used it in his garage in the winter while he tinkered around with stuff like chainsaws and sharpening axes and probably a few nights smoking cigars and just. Monday – Friday 9 am to 5 pm est. Our wood burning cook stoves come from the best known manufacturers in Italy Spain and UK and offer top notch durability style and quality.

Domestic Hot Water and Radiant heating plumbing options available. Owner and head restorer Rick Gloe is proud to share his passion for antique wood-burning stoves. According to the Insurance Information Institute restored wood cook stoves must be installed to meet current local safety codes for a home to be insurable.

They are restored to be fully operational efficient and beautiful. We dont do it. Amish wood cookstove wood cooking cookstoves off the grid cast iron cook stove wood fired baking oven cook top glass doors available.

Im guessing 1930s so its not super old. We rebuild stoves from 1850 to 1960. It was stored in a garage so moisture and mice had their way with it.

In addition your insurance provider may stipulate that a restored wood burning cook stove must meet current National Fire Protection Association NFPA standards. If you can sandblast or use a wire wheel it will go faster. We have been in the antique stove restoration business since 1973.

Cook bake while heating your home. The piece needs to be heated fully till it is cherry red and welded while hot then cooled slowly. The backs on many old cook stoves cracks with over heating or uneven heating.

The restoration process updates the physical appearance and fills gaps between the parts of the stove to make it air tight and energy. The first step is to make sure that the body is sound and the cast iron not cracked. It was cast iron and elongated and was basically a firebox on legs with a flue at the back and a damper.

All videos posted on product pages come from our customers. Vintage Stove Restoration is a small family run business that emphasizes quality workmanship and friendly knowledgable service. Rust appears on the feet and other areas where moisture corrodes the metal.

For information about your stove see Appraisals page. Stylish and functional wood burning cook stoves. Rick and his team are simply delighted to welcome you to their virtual store-front.

We restore and sell antique heating stoves and vintage cook stoves. The cook surface has rust and some minor pitting in some areas but it can all be saved. Based in Windsor WI we are experts in antique wood-burning stove restorations with the largest finished wood-burning stove collection in the Midwest.

Our Company was founded on the idea that to let wonderful old stoves rust away or to be broken up for scrap is a crime. Wood and coal stoves are superb for heating. We are one of the last remaining wood cook stove wood burning heater restoration businesses in Canada.

Finally restorers reassemble the cleaned replated and repaired parts. The hard part in welding cast iron is that the piece will be heated in use and most welds look great before use then pop when heated up. To restore a cast iron stove I just restored an old Florin Pot Belly from Lancaster Co.

Some of the stoves we have already are or can be restored and others are just for parts. The outside is in good shape and everything seems to be in working order. This was a very basic wood-burning stove sometimes referred to as a boxwood stove.

All stoves can be converted to gas propane or electric. Cleaning Your Wood Cook Stove. This is one of the hundreds of wood cook stoves that Bill Wilber has restored in his West Glover shop.

We also have stoves in our inventory you can purchase from us. A rusty old wood burning cook stove awaits the restorers magic. Guessing the value of a stove over the phone is not accurate.

The surface of a cast iron wood stove fades over time. We also rebuild gas stoves from 1900 to 1960. We specialize in conversion of wood cookstoves to gas electric or a combination of the two.

I acquired an old wood burning cook stove. Good Time Stove Company restores and sells antique stoves including kitchen cook stoves and vintage stoves for home heating. Steve Zind VPR A century ago home life in Vermont revolved around the wood burning cook stove.

After you clean it up use stove polishing compound stove black to really bring out its beauty. We are not psychic. Pa you have to wire brush the rust scale off and wipe off with a rag.

They shine the metal trim with brass cleaner solution and a soft cloth but wash and buff porcelain parts.

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