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One article was based on a report published by Atmosphere on 7th December by Sheffield and Nottingham universities entitled Indoor air pollution. The Impact of wood burning stoves on indoor air quality.

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Its not just the warmth but also the smell of wood burning that makes you feel cozy and protected from the outside elements.

Indoor air quality wood burning stove. Found that wood burning used to heat one school classroom in rural Portugal contributed high levels of PM25to the indoor environment. As already stated the existing literature at least for industrialized countries provides inconsistent results for the effects of wood heating on respirable air and by extension on human health. It is recommended that people living with those particularly susceptible to air pollution such as children the elderly or vulnerable avoid using wood-burning stoves.

How can we keep warm and still enjoy the crackling heat of the hearth without harming our health. In fact a wood-burning stove emits more particles per hour than a modern diesel lorry. Visit EPAs Burn Wise Website for more information.

Wood Burning Stoves and Indoor Air Quality. Woodstoves that have combustion air ducted directly to the firebox not a proximity vent that is open to the room air will in theory deliver less combustion products into the room air in the event of a backdraft. The results of replacement speak for themselves with improvements in the health of children and community home safety visibility and indoor air quality.

This is contrary to logic and the experience we and our customers have had. EPA certified wood stoves burn more efficiently and cleanly. Recently however wood burning has come in for some criticism in terms of the impact it is believed to have on the air quality in our cities.

Woodburners the real facts. Examined 98 stoves over 48 h finding average indoor PM25concentrations to exceed World Health Organisation ambient air quality guidelines and approach the United States. Indoor pollutant emissions from wood-burning stoves can be emitted into the indoor environment during starting stoking and reloading operations or they can be emitted continuously if a leak or.

The research doesnt seek to explain how other factors influencing indoor air pollution have been excluded to sufficiently separate out the impact of a wood burning stove. Warm feelings from cuddling up near a wood burning stove seem like a wonderful way to spend the winter but. For a long time now the word burning stove industry has made the claim that burning wood is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to heat our homes.

Emitting only 18 gmhr of particulates into your indoor air the Pacific Energy Summit LE is among the best non-catalytic wood stoves you can get for your indoor air quality. We dont think that has changed. As Jack Frost begins to nip at noses many people use wood burning stoves to either entirely heat their homes or supplement their central heating.

Indoor Air Quality and Wood Burning Stoves and Fireplaces by Nancy Berry December 11 2020. Burning stoves have on indoor air quality particularly when refuelling quoting levels of 27 – 195 micrograms per M3. For example the fact the indoor air pollution arises between 6pm and 10pm is taken as clear evidence that this pollution comes from the stove.

No wood stove is 100 air tight and the door gaskets and general sealing of the cast iron steel stone ceramic parts may still leak some but it still has to be. As winter approaches and the colder weather sets in sitting close to a wood burning stove or fireplace is very appealing. The research doesnt seek to explain how other factors influencing indoor air pollution have been excluded to sufficiently separate out the impact of a wood burning stove.

Canha et al. If people want to use them. In many regions wood is seen as a cheap renewable resource and burning wood to heat homes is prevalent in rural and urban areas of North America and Europe1 A small preliminary study suggests air purifiers equipped with high-efficiency particle air HEPA filters can lower the amount of indoor fine particulate matter PM 25 and smoke from woodstoves potentially reducing residents risk of cardiovascular disease from exposure to these air.

To our knowledge this is the first study on the impact of wood-burning appliances on indoor air quality to have documented this variable. For example the fact the indoor air pollution arises between 6pm and 10pm is taken as clear evidence that this pollution comes from the stove. But wood stoves still add an extra dose of particles into the air.

November 3 2010 April 20 2021 Ali McDonald. In Portugal wood combustion is an important source of PM during winter Amato et al 2016The impact of wood burning on air quality is mainly due to the use of low efficiency combustion appliances which are widespread especially in inland rural areas of the country Gonçalves et al 2012Taking into account the wood burning patterns as well as the lack of. You may well have seen over the 2020 Christmas period a number of newspaper articles about wood burning stoves.

This wood stove is designed for larger spaces and is perfect for long cold winter nights.

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