Cool Modular Kitchen Concept By Fevzi Karaman: Less Is More

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For many of us, the kitchen is one room in the house that can benefit most from design elements that help reduce clutter and create more space; as the focal point and gathering place of many homes, you can never have too much space.

While looking around the web for multi-functioning kitchen tools and gadgets, I stumbled upon the following design for a modular kitchen. As you can see from the photos, the modular kitchen designed by Fevzi Karaman is an interesting concept for small spaces. It looks to be, at this point, just a concept. Hopefully, in the near future this modular kitchen concept will be available for purchase. Just about everything you need in a kitchen is packed into this small, rectangular counter top:

Obviously, this is intended for small living spaces and isn’t going to be very useful for larger families. For a small space, however, it is well done.

Modular Kitchen Concept By Fevzi Karaman

Creative Modular Kitchen Concept By Fevzi Karaman
Practical Modular Kitchen Concept By Fevzi Karaman
Futuristic Modular Kitchen Concept By Fevzi Karaman
Small Modular Kitchen Concept By Fevzi Karaman

That’s the idea behind Turkish designer Fevzi Karaman’s modular concept: everything you’d need for a small kitchen is there, but neatly folds up and gets out of the way when you don’t.

It probably wouldn’t serve a family of five very well, but would be a great way to make the most of a small apartment. Hit the jump to see how a stove, sink, recycling bin, dish storage and more all fit in there. Ideas & Inspirations of Tree Hugger & Unclutterer

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