26 Stylish Bathroom Design Ideas With Brick Walls And Ceilings

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Brick walls are much used and ideal for home decoration. These materials are effective to create and add an industrial touch.

These building materials are also easy to make the space cozier. Moreover, if we use the brick walls, they do not need much care.

That is why this material decor is perfect and suitable indeed to use in a bathroom. Why? It is because the bathroom is frequently humid and hot.

A brick wall located near the bathtub or a shower would be the ideal placement. You can also place bricks in some other locations such as near the sinks.

You can make a brick ceiling as well. It counts on your style. Even in a feminine bathroom, bricks are repeatedly used.

The ideas are many. You can just take white ones and add some flowers and flower patterns. Have a look at some ideas on how to use bricks to design the bathroom wall and ceiling.

Best Bathroom Designs To Complete With Bricks

What bathroom designs can be completed with brick walls or ceilings? There are a number of bathroom designs or styles that can be beautified with bricks.

They can be industrial and masculine, modern and contemporary, art Deco and vintage, rustic and farmhouse, even glam and refined spaces.

Bricks are good to use in any space. We can use them as a whole wall or its part. You can cover all the walls or you can just cover some and add a brick ceiling or not.

Red Brick Bathroom Wall
Red Brick Bathroom Wall

Bathroom Brick Wall Looks

The most popular color of brick is red, undeniably. Though, there are also white and dark shades. Red bricks will add much texture, color and a rough touch.

White brick looks much softer. It will be great for farmhouse and shabby chic spaces. Meanwhile, dark brick is great for masculine and moody spaces.

Cute White Bathroom With A Brick Wall
Cute White Bathroom With A Brick Wall

With these ideas of using bricks to adorn a bathroom wall and ceiling, now you can implement them in your next project. Ideas & Inspirations of DigsDigs.Com

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