Creative DIY Ideas to Organize Your Kitchen

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How long do you spend your time in the kitchen? For a mother, she will surely spend more time in the kitchen than her husband. For this reason, you certainly want to have your kitchen look tidy and clean every time you are in it.

There are a lot of things in the kitchen. From the kitchen utensils until things that frequently are not needed to put in it. So, here are some creative ways that you can implement to organize your kitchen. By doing these DIY organization kitchen hacks, you will have a nice look of kitchen.

Organizing Container Lids Using A Spiral

You will surely find a lot of container lids in your kitchen. Here is a way to organize them and make them easy to store and make them tidy indeed.

Prepare A Spiral

Prepare a spiral.

Make Spiral A Circle

Make the spiral become a circle by pulling it. Bring the spiral together by gluing it.

Organizing Container Lids
Put It In A Storage

Arrange container lids in the spiral neatly. Check out the video below for the details.

Organizing Jars Using Cereal Boxes

Jars are very functional. They can store a lot of things such as salt, sugar, and more. Here is a creative and smart way to store or organize them and make them very tidy in your kitchen.

Prepare A Cereal Box

Prepare a cereal box.

Cut The Side

Open the box and cut each side.

Fold It

Fold it.

Put In Storage

Put and arrange it in the storage.

Arrange Bottles
Store Jars Neatly

Put any bottles or jars and arrange them neatly. Isn’t it easy? Your jars look more clean and tidy as well. Check out the video below for the details.

Organizing Any Bottles And Boxes In The Kitchen Cabinets

We often put any bottles like milk bottles or boxes in our kitchen cabinets. This way makes them look messy. Here is an easy idea to arrange them in the storage in your kitchen.

Messy Storage With Bottles

Do you find your bottles in this way at your home? You can arrange them and make them easy to take and store.

Empty The Storage

What you have to do is empty them and do something creative.

Removing Bolts
Putting Tension Rods

Remove all boards and bolts. Then, make some new holes above the boards. The holes will be used to put some tension rods.

Arrange And Tidy Up The Bottles
Easy Taking Bottles

Put and arrange the bottles, jars or any boxes. You can easily take the bottles. Check out the video below.

Organizing Kitchen Utensil With Clip-book

You can be very creative if you want to arrange your spoons and others nicely. You can even use clip-book to hang them. Here we show you how to do it.

Prepare Used Book

Find any old or used books.

Get Clipbook
Removing Clipbook

Get the clip-book by removing it.

Put Clipbook In Storage

Stick or put it in any storage in your kitchen.

Arrange Spoons
Lock The Clipbook

Put and arrange your spoons and lock them. It looks simple but very smart and creative. See the video below.

Organizing Plastic Bags Using Binder Clips And Tension Rod

Lots of foods are stored in the plastic bags. It can be difficult to store them tidily. Here is a way to make them very neat. You need some binder clips and tension rod.

Prepare Binder Clips And Tension Rod

First of all, find a tension rod and some binder clips.

Arranging Binder Clips

Arrange them.

Stick In Storage

Put the arrangement in the storage in your kitchen.

Pinning Plastic Bags

Hang your plastic bags by pinning them with the binder clips. Easy, right? Watch the video below for more details.

Organizing Vegetables In The Refrigerator Using Plastic Bottles

Messy Vegetables

We often mix various kinds of vegetables in the refrigerator. This does not only make the refrigerator messy but also sometimes it causes us to experience difficulties if we want to take one type of the vegetables. Here is a way that we can do to organize various types of vegetables so they look neat in our refrigerator. The method is very easy. All you need to prepare is plastic bottles such as plastic bottles of liquid milk.

Milk Plastic Bottle

Prepare several plastic bottles.

Cutting Plastic Bottle

Cut the plastic bottles.

Arrange Cut Plastic Bottle

Put and arrange them neatly in the refrigerator.

Arrange Vegetables

Enter and arrange vegetables according to the name. Watch the video below for more details.

Organizing Kitchen Utensil In The Drawer

Messy Drawer

We often store some tools such as scissors, cutters, rulers, plaster, etc. in the kitchen cabinet drawer. This makes the drawer look messy. To outsmart this, we can make the drawer look neat by making it a place to store spoons, forks, and others. Here is how to do it. You need to prepare a wooden block, drawer organizer, and glue.

Wooden Block

Prepare wood that has been cut according to the size of the drawer.

Drawer Organizer

Prepare a drawer organizer.

Glue Drawer Organizer

Glue the back of the drawer organizer.

Let Dry

Stick it on the wood and wait for it to dry.

Arrange Kitchen Utensil

Put it in the drawer and arrange the spoon, fork, knife, and others in it. Watch the video below more details.

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