30 Cool Dark Moody Living Room Decoration Ideas

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It’s fall and it’s the best time to embrace dark colors! Dark colors don’t always mean gloomy shades, they can be refined, chic and very relaxing if you pull them off right. Today we are going to have a look at the coolest dark living rooms.

Dark Moody Living Room Decoration Ideas

How To Decorate Your Living Room In Dark Shades

First of all, opt for your style. Dark colors can fit almost any decor style: modern, minimalist, vintage and they are traditional for masculine spaces. Second, choose the colors. Dark and moody spaces don’t always mean black, it can be grey, dark green, purple or blue. Molding on the walls looks very good, especially in graphite grey or black. Accent walls aren’t necessary because they there will be many more other accents in the room.

Now consider your style and choose furniture according to it. To make your living room more eye-catching, you can take bold upholstery and unique shapes to make your moody living room pop. A single sunny yellow sofa in a dark graphite living room looks stunning and makes a statement. Emerald or indigo upholstery will add a refined, decadent and soft look to the room.

Navy And Black Living Room With Emerald Furniture
Elegant Graphite Grey Living Room With An Amazing Emerald Green Sofa
Navy Living Room With A Faux Fireplace
Vintage Sitting Room With Indigo Furniture
Living Room Décor With Moody Darker Shades Of Blue And Green
Dark Moody Living Room With Black Walls
Living Room With Deep And Moody Aubergine Purple
Monochromatic Black Living Room With Leopard Print Touches
Dark Moody Small Living Room In Black With Red Furniture
Black Living Room With Gold Pendant Lamps And Vintage Furniture
Dark Gothic Living Room With Unique Gold Chandeliers
Dark Hued Living Room With Purple Accents And Unique Pendants
Elegant Neoclassic Living Room With Black Walls
Soft Black Living Room With A Dark Green Sofa
Elegant Small Dark Sitting Room With Chic Modern Furniture

How To Make Your Dark Living Room Stand Out

Dark colors can be too gloomy and depressing if you choose only one shade. Then you can play with textures and try brick, stone, wood, marble, metal and other materials to make your living room stand out keeping this monochromatic décor.

Another idea is rocking different shades of one color. If choosing bold upholstery and brass isn’t your choice, then take different shades of one color, for example, grey, and stick to it.

One more idea is rocking various accessories and decorations. Candle holders, copper details, oversized artwork, lanterns and various decorations of your choice will help your living room to look good and stylish.

Dark Moody Modern Living Room With Rustic Touches
Dark Moody Living Room With Wooden Furniture And Lots Of Lights
Dark Chocolate Living Room With Metallic Accents And Greenery
Living Room With Dark Grey Walls And A Black Sofa
Dark Living Room With Black Walls And Colorful Accessories
Modern Dark Moody Living Room With Rich Wood Décor
Dark Moody Living Room With Grey Walls And A Navy Sofa
Moody Living Area In Green Shades
Dark Moody Living Room With Industrial Touches
Masculine Living Room With A Navy Ceiling
Dark Moody Living Room With Oversized Photos
Moody Living Room In Dark Grey And Black Flooded With Light
Dark Moody Living Room With Black Walls And A Glitter Stone Accent
Moody Minimalist Living Room In Black And White

These ideas of dark moody living room decorations are credited to DigsDigs.Com. Get more cool ideas there!

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