White Home Blending Medieval-Modernism and Minimalism

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Modern homes usually do not display neutral or pure white, but this house has nothing like it – this house is made in a modern style, with all-white walls and a rather eclectic overall decoration. Ready to see it all?

This house has clean white walls that create a blank canvas that is great for displaying design, furniture, and art. You might see some mixed styles here: modern, vintage and minimalist medieval, and unusual combos like that work well! The use of various types of wood throughout the house offers the blow of warmth needed with all white interiors.

The living room is done in white and neutral as well as thick red curtains and many black sofas seen here. Brave artwork and beautiful abstract chandeliers accentuate space and characterize it. The TV room is also made in white and white, with deep red curtains, flower sofas, brown leather chairs and footstools and black lights – all very prominent in this neutral space.

The bedroom is neutral and feels more medieval than other rooms. A bold work of art, rich stained dressers, black wall lamps and moody artwork stand out here creating a relaxed atmosphere with subtle shades. There is another bedroom, where minimalist style applies. There are blue glass walls, platform beds, artwork and white carved shelves. Get more amazing houses below!

White Home Mixing Mid-Century Modern Minimalist And Vintage Styles

This beautiful white house combines modern, minimalist and medieval vintage, like a blank canvas for bold decor.

Living Room With Artworks, A Fantastic Chandelier And Deep Red Curtains

Neutral living room, accents made with artwork, fantastic chandeliers and deep red curtains.

Dining Room With A Rich Stained Sideboard And A Neutral Table

The dining room is done with rich stained buffets, neutral tables, wooden chairs, red curtains and bold artwork.

TV Room With Red Curtains And A Brown Leather Chair

The TV room is equipped with red curtains, brown leather chairs and footstools and a fun and strange flower sofa.

Home Decorated With Understated Elegance With Marble Tables

This house is decorated with simple elegance with marble tables, rattan chairs and wooden decorations.

Kitchen With Practical Stone Countertops

A kitchen equipped with practical stone countertops.

Bedroom With Mid-Century Modern Style And Comfy Wooden Furniture

The bedroom features a medieval modern style, with comfortable wood furnishings, bold artwork and black metal lamps.

Closet With Artworks And A Comfy Rug

The cupboards are hidden in a corner, there are niches, artwork and comfortable rugs, relaxing spaces.

Bedroom With A Blue Glass Wall And A Platform Bed

This bedroom is equipped with blue glass walls, platform beds, rich stained wardrobe, black and white artwork.

A Shared Home Office With An Oval Table And Leather Chairs

This is a home office along with oval tables, leather chairs, black chairs and bookshelves throughout. Photos of DigsDigs

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