40 Most Popular Small Balcony Design Ideas for 2019

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Just because you have a small balcony doesn’t mean you don’t have the chance to decorate it. As long as you have access to the balcony, it is still possible to decorate and make it beautiful and have a comfortable and comfortable feeling.

You can enjoy a hot outdoor breakfast on the balcony. How? You can buy an outdoor carpet and place  it on your balcony. However, you need to make sure that the color of your outdoor carpet chooses praise and matches the color of the furniture and all your homes. On the carpet, you can place an adorable table with matching chairs or even tilt to enjoy a large breakfast in the sun. You can also use pillows or bean bags and chairs on your balcony, however, you have to cover them with plastic whenever you don’t use them to avoid getting dirty.

If a small space on the terrace allows, you can also shop for outdoor fountains, however, make sure you get the right one on the balcony. Having an open fountain on your terrace will make the atmosphere more comfortable and calm because you can only turn around, close your eyes, and listen to the water flowing from the fountain and other natural forms that surround you.

Put a few potted plants on your terrace. Your size depends entirely on you, as long as your balcony still has space after you finish decorating. You can also choose plants that can be hung on the wall; this is actually a better choice in terms of space. You can also have a hanging basket to further enhance your exterior design.

Small Balcony Design Ideas By Jeffrey Erb Landscape Design
Small Balcony Design Ideas By Jeffrey Erb Landscape Design

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