50+ Cool Masculine Living Room Design Ideas

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Masculine interiors are usually dramatic and sexy, that’s why even girls like it and like coming to bachelors. We have found several examples of masculine bedroom decor, home offices and kitchens, but what about one of the main rooms at home, is important not only for relaxing but also for having guests?

The masculine living room is a cool space, no matter what style you want, no matter if you want to have tight and short or colorful and luxurious spaces. Traditional dark colors and black and white schemes are always cool, but if you need color, there are several different color variants in traditional or Victorian styles.

Minimalism and natural ingredients will make your bachelor’s living room worse and very cool! See some of the ideas below.

Masculine Living Room Design Ideas
Masculine Living Room Design Ideas With A Large Storage Unit And An L-Shaped Sofa

Colors and Materials

A masculine living room does not always mean a dark, sunny or bright, neutral room, or whatever you like. Choose a color scheme that makes you feel comfortable and add a little touch of dark or bright if you want. As for materials, try wood, which is timeless, skin and fur are sexy and bring a touch of texture, use it for brick walls or at least a statement wall to make the room feel coarser.

Furniture and Artwork

First of all, find out what style you like: contemporary, minimalist, medieval modern, industrial (super popular among men!) Or other. Choose furniture that suits your decorating style – this furniture can be vintage, smooth and contemporary, comfortable medieval modern or even metal and wood with a rough industrial feel.

Don’t forget accessories such as carpets, curtains, pillows, and other items to make your room more friendly and highlight its style. Artwork can complement space or add colorful touches or prints and patterns.

How do you add masculine to your room using accessories and decorations? Choose the right artwork, choose bold furniture with non-girlish colors and select short lines and patterns.

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