50 Amazing Small Terrace Design Ideas That Look Larger

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If you have a small terrace and you think that it does not look fantastic, you are mistaken! A small terrace can be a comfortable corner with a comfortable design in the style that you like: minimalist, boho-chic, traditional or Scandinavian. Put there a bench or just a comfortable chair, add greenery to the walls and the floor, a small table (or a wooden butt) and a few lanterns and candles – and voila, your cozy terrace is ready! Carpets and ottomans are also a good idea if space allows. The thing that adds more closeness is a portable fireplace, so feel free to buy it. Look at the ideas below and get inspired!

Small Terrace Design Ideas
Small Terrace Design Ideas With Butterfly Furniture And Potted Greenery


When you make a small terrace in any style, the first thing you need to find is the right furniture. It should be as elegant, compact and versatile as possible. Try to bend the furniture, move into a smaller unit or into the living room. Do not mess with your patio — just use the part you need and purchase furniture with extra storage — a built-in bench with a small inside and back space and a table with storage space or a shelf. If necessary, hang the shelf on the wall: the shelf will save a lot of space on the floor, which is very valuable.

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