50+ Amazing Sea And Beach Inspired Living Room Design Ideas

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Coastal, beach and sea-inspired living rooms are very cute and comfortable! Aqua, blue and turquoise are fantastic, bright and enhance your mood!

But it’s not necessary to make your living room in cool shades if you don’t want to, just choose a beach-inspired color and add accessories.

The accessories and details are so amazing that I can’t stop thinking about such an interior for my own living room! Just look at star fish, sea urchins, fish and shellfish and all their paintings, they are so smooth and like nature!

But you can add driftwood, sea glass, coral and even ship models and flags. Look at some of the ideas below and get inspired!

Sea And Beach Inspired Living Room Design Ideas
Sea And Beach Inspired Living Room Design Ideas With White Upholstered And Rattan Furniture

Colors and Materials

If you want to decorate your living room with a beach or beach style, choose neutral colors – brown, faded white, light gray, white, cream, ivory. Bring pastel or use a touch of blue: light blue, turquoise, aqua, teal, and dark blue.

To make the space more attractive, add textures with burlap, wood, rattan, leather, fake fur, velvet and various woven items. Molds will also make the room not boring: print pillows, carpets, and curtains are your choice.


If you prefer a modern beach style, choose contemporary furniture, if this is a vintage beach space, prefer vintage items and shabby chic, maybe white ones. Neutral furniture is your choice for a beach space, choose white, brown or cream upholstery and add a thick pillow in the blue shades you choose.

Go for rattan and wicker chairs that will bring outdoor shades to the room, take a wooden coffee table and entertain or go for a wooden crate as a coffee table. You can also use leather furniture: backs, benches, or sofas.


Beach or coastal decoration is nothing without proper decoration, it will help create an atmosphere. Go to the gallery walls with photos, photos, artwork, even coral and driftwood.

Create display shelves with various items inspired by the sea. Driftwood and rattan lamps and lamps, Roman woven colors, storage baskets, driftwood mirrors and striped backrests are welcome to create a mood. Enjoy!

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