Tricks To Easily Create A Bold Accent Door

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You may have noticed a curious trend over the past several years. There were homes with brightly colored doors at the front of the house. The rest of the home will typically have a very muted or neutral color scheme and then there will be the brightest of doors. For instance, the door may be a deeply saturated purple, cherry red or blazing blue.

Don’t worry, it’s not a strange color coding system used by a nefarious secret society’s meeting spaces (that we know of). It’s simply a highly creative way designers are finding to incorporate bold color into a home.

Like accent walls, these accent doors are a wonderful way to add a pop of color to your space. The tricks below will help you to discover how to make the most of the accent door trend.

Door With Black And White Accent

Black and White Contrast

If you are thinking of trying the accent door trend, you may want to go on the more neutral side to start things out. An example is the black door in the photo above. It goes well with the white molding for some stark, modern contrast. The sleek black door also contrasts well with the textured stone facade.

You could also play with this idea indoors by having a black door contrast with a bold accent color like yellow. You could even combine it with warm woods, which would ground out the space and complement warmer accent color tones.

Door With Red Accent

Cherry Red Door

If you’re going for an accent color, an ever-popular choice is a bold cherry red. In the photo above, you can see how well a cherry red really pops as part of an entryway.

Another idea is to just paint the frame of a glass door so you can add those pops of color without overwhelming the piece. You might even paint part of the door red, with the inner design a darker color like gray. That would give a more muted take on the trend, too.

The photo above also shows how well you can fit a bright red door into just about any space. It stands out as a statement piece against the very traditional entryway.

Door With Bright Yellow Accent

Bright Yellow Accent Door

If you’re going for an accent look, the brightest of yellows is also a solid choice. The photo above shows how a neon yellow door can brighten up a covered porch space. And if you’re going for a statement look, the bright yellow creates a bold contrast against the textures of the surrounding brick.

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Yellow also stands out well against any neutral color scheme. It pops most dramatically against white and black schemes, in particular. So it’s a nice accent to more minimalism and stark modern spaces. However, a bright yellow accent door could even work in rustic spaces when combined with natural elements, like bright yellow flowers in planters by the door.

Door With Bright Blue Accent

Matching Bright Blue

Sometimes it can be challenging to think of blue as an accent color. It’s usually used in lighter tones in spaces where you want to create a relaxing oasis. But the photo above reminds us that blue can stand out as its own accent shade. And the blue door brings a pop of deep color against statement exteriors like the yellow design.

The blue shutters on the window and molding at the top also do a great job of creating some matching geometry in the design. It goes to show how well an accent door can match boldly colored shutters on the windows.

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