Burj Jumeira: Dubai’s Latest Skyscraper Emerges From Its Ruler’s Fingerprint

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Referred to as the ‘new icon in Dubai’s skyline’, the Burj Jumeira stands at 550m tall and in many ways, is representative of the essence of Dubai.

Burj Jumeira Dubai’s Latest Skyscraper

Designed by SOM, Burj Jumeira’s unusual design is inspired by the desert’s shifting, organic sand dunes and oases, and will even feature a digital display on its front facade for cultural events and celebrations, much like the Burj Khalifa.

Cool Burj Jumeira Dubai’s Latest Skyscraper

The building’s alluring, iconic design begins at its oval-shaped base, which features a lake in the shape of the fingerprint of Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Amazing Burj Jumeira Dubai’s Latest Skyscraper

The mirrored lake will be surrounded by shops, and will be complete with water fountains and a terraced outdoor amphitheater. Housed inside the building will be multiple observation decks that will provide a 360° panoramic view of Dubai, and right on top of the building will be its “Crown”, a luxurious event space that shall also be connected to a sky-lounge and restaurant.

Modern Burj Jumeira Dubai’s Latest Skyscraper
Awesome Burj Jumeira Dubai’s Latest Skyscraper

“Burj Jumeira is bold, elegant, and dynamic,” said SOM design partner Mustafa Abadan. “It will tower over Jumeirah as the centerpiece of the neighborhood, and will feature a synthesized architectural and structural design.” Photos of Yanko Design

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