Brighten Up Your Dark Room With These 15 Designer Tricks

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Just since a room does not get an abundance of natural light (hello, apartment dwellers), it does not mean you have to settle for living in a dark space around the clock. Believe it or not, this is a fairly usual dilemma that top interior designers solve for all the time.

While a main renovation can surely better the issue, thankfully, it’s not the only choice you own. There are tried-and-true decorating tricks that designers count on to brighten up a dark room.

A well-lit space isn’t just more inviting. It can also better your overall well-being. A bright and airy home can help enhance your mood and lessen your stress level.

To get you started on altering your home into a light-filled oasis, we have collected some favorite and workable decorating tricks.

From giving simple accessories to considering upgrades to your ceiling or wood flooring, there are a variety of choices you can well think to make your home become sunnier and more inviting.

1. Embracing Maximalism

Brighten Up Your Dark Room With These 15 Designer Tricks

If an all-neutral room is not your style, there’s no need to worry. Going for a bold accent wall and a palette of daring hues, like this design by Mary McDonald, can energize a room and make it appear brighter.

To know the full 15 tricks on how to brighten up a dark room according to famous designers, please visit Elle Decor.

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