40 Inspiring and Stylish Garden Edging Ideas

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Garden edging is an essential part of your landscaping, it accentuates you decor, it may add color and interest to the space and it assists to maintain animals away from plants. The sculpting lines can be realized from pretty much anything, one could install them in a few hours, an effort that might adorn your garden for life. You may edge not only garden beds but also a number of parts of your garden – terraces, pathways and lawns. We’ve gathered the coolest and boldest garden edging ideas for gardens of various styles, get inspired!

Pebbles and Rocks

Large rocks and river pebbles are regarded as the most natural idea to edge your garden. They transform it into a more natural space, which is great to use in relaxed gardens or to lower the level of formality in a manicured one. You may even use a combo of river rocks and smaller pebbles to make the space look even fresher. Another idea here is a gabion wall, the look of which is also very natural but such a wall preserves garden beds from the animals better. These ideas will assist you transform the garden with simple elements without any costs.

Garden Edging Ideas

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