The Best Mid-Century Floor Lamp For Your Home

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You’ll want to meet Sinatra, the mid-century floor lamp with a modern twist that will forever change how you decor. Get ready to discover the magic of the mid-century style. The Sinatra Lamp is one of their most iconic and beloved pieces, as well as a versatile one.

Sinatra is an iconic floor lamp of undeniable charm. A sculptural and versatile creation, the iconic modern floor lamp features three articulating arms handmade in brass that are flexible in a variety of different locations in order to allow you to situate the lights exactly as you need it.

Sinatra Mid-Century Floor Lamp

Sinatra takes you to the stars with this customizable lighting piece you won’t be able to resist having in your home. From the depths of the mid-century style comes a refined and elegant piece that will call out for the luxurious side of you. Sinatra in black is a whole other world, an intricate piece of design that is impossible to look away from.

Best Mid-Century Floor Lamp By Sinatra

Even for hospitality designs, Sinatra is there for you. A versatile piece of unquestionable luxury, this floor lamp is magical all year round, in any project you so desire. From home projects to hotels, Sinatra never disappoints and rather stands tall and bright in any space.

Mid-Century Scarlet Floor Lamp By Sinatra

There is nothing like a good red inspiration and Sinatra is set to show you exactly that. Think of “Fly Me To The Moon” and let yourself be enveloped by the music inspiration, by the tones of red, black and white. The music will make you travel to the 50’s and 60’s, but this lamp will forever stay in your life, present and future.

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Mid-Century Metallic Gold Floor Lamp By Sinatra

The color gold is the color of extravagance, wealth, riches, and excess, and it’s simply perfect when you think of Sinatra. With its polished brass structure, this lamp seems to be covered in gold. With a touch of white, it’s simply perfect for any home.

Mid-Century Multicolor Floor Lamp By Sinatra

Sinatra can be the embodiment of fun and playfulness too, not just elegance and luxury. In fact, this is, as we’ve said before, quite a versatile piece with incredible potential, perfect for any division of your house and any project.

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