25 Antique Living Rooms With Brick Walls

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A living room is often the most welcoming space in the home where you can meet your family and friends. Every designer or owner tries to make it as welcoming as possible. A fireplace, a number of plants and skins would make your living room cozy and, of course, a stone or brick wall! Yes, it’s hard to believe, but the rough brick makes every space welcoming and cheerful, despite the style you’ve chosen. Living rooms with brick walls look very antique.

In fact, a brick wall is easy to adapt to your interior and your colors, just choose the size and colors you need, white for an elegant style or a dark gray rigorous for an industrial space. Very often, a fireplace is made of brick and the wall behind continues the decoration. Take a look at the living spaces below and choose the ideas you can use to decorate your home!

If you prefer neutral colors, you can choose r a white brick wall, bleached or simply neutral in gray or sandy tones. White bricks easily adapt to many decoration styles: bohemian, Scandinavian, mid-century modern, contemporary, glam and others.

You can make all the walls look like this or go for a simple neutral brick accent wall, and if you can’t create a real exposed brick wall, go for fake brick panels.

You can fill the neutral space with colorful furniture, bright fabrics, accessories and works of art or keep the space totally neutral, with furniture, artwork and white accessories.

Living Rooms With Brick Walls Ideas and Inspirations

For you who are going to make a project with brick walls for designing a living room, the following living room ideas with brick walls will be very inspirational for you.

living rooms with brick walls
Living Room With Rough Brick Wall And Wooden Beams

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