Consider These Simple DIY Wood Flooring Tips to Succeed Your Project

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Are you planning to install wood flooring for your next DIY wood project? Nevertheless, there are a lot of decisions that you have to formulate when doing DIY wood flooring.

For the success of the DIY wood project, below are the frequently asked questions of DIY wood flooring to answer:

  • Which type of wood should you buy?
  • Should you buy engineered wood flooring or solid wood?
  • Should you buy prefinished or unfinished flooring?

The following tips will help you make some of those decisions.

The type of wood you choose for your DIY wood floor is mainly going to rely on the style and décor of your room and the rest of the house. It also depends on your budget.

There are dozens of different wood types for you to choose from. They include oak, cherry, ash, mahogany, maple, and hickory.

Another alternative, even though it is not really wood, is bamboo flooring. This is becoming very well-liked because of its cost and eco-friendliness.

The Difference between Solid Wood Flooring and Engineered Wood Flooring

solid wood flooring image
Courtesy of Direct Wood Flooring
engineered wood flooring image
Courtesy of Doors and Floors

The difference between solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring is that engineered flooring is made up of a number of ploys, with the grain running in different directions.

Solid flooring is just one solid piece.

By reason of being more humidity resistance, engineered flooring is better than solid wood in basements and other high humidity areas, for example kitchens and baths.

The decision to buy prefinished or unfinished flooring is based on a number of factors.

The first one is price. Prefinished floors will have a higher initial price. Though, if you buy unfinished flooring, you will have to buy the materials to stain and seal the floor yourself.

The next factor is style. If you are not capable to find prefinished wood flooring in a color you like, then finishing the wood yourself will give you more options.

Finally, the last factor is time.

Finishing wood floors is a very time overwhelming practice. If you don’t have the time or patience to tackle this yourself, you absolutely want to buy prefinished flooring.

Consider all of these DIY wood flooring tips before taking a trip to the flooring store. By having thought all of this through in advance, it will make selecting your wood flooring much easier.

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