10 Easy and Simple DIY Birdhouse Project Ideas

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Birdhouses are among the easiest DIY wood working projects out there, because just about anyone is capable of creating and designing a simple DIY birdhouse. You will of course need to use wood which is about 1/8 inch thick.

After that you can build a simple cube structure. One could also put a crowned shaped roof for the top and even tack a tiny porch for the front if you’re feeling artistic.

Afterwards, you can paint the birdhouse in whatever color you want. Some people in fact like to paint their birdhouses with bright colors in order that it will be easier for birds to spot.

It is important to ensure to use wood glue or a nail gun to secure all the pieces of wood into place.

Create a hole through one wall of the birdhouse since the size you make the hole can determine what types of birds will take a break in your birdhouse. Make certain that the paint is totally dry as well as totally glaze the birdhouse before you put on show it for birds to rest in.

Unique Decorative DIY Birdhouse Project Ideas

If you really want to make your own birdhouse, here we have gathered a number of DIY projects for rustic and decorative birdhouses.

modern wood diy birdhouse idea

rustic stone wood diy birdhouse idea
simple oak wood diy birdhouses idea
simple wood diy birdhouses idea
simple wooden diy birdhouse idea
creative wooden diy birdhouses idea
creative diy birdhouse idea
creative wood diy birdhouse idea
creative wooden diy birdhouse idea
creative wooden coins diy birdhouse idea

There are actually various materials to make a good and comfortable DIY birdhouse, from wood, stone, and paper. To know the step by step tutorial of making birdhouse above, you can visit The Spruce Crafts.

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