50+ Relaxing Moroccan Inspired Living Room Designs

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The East hypnotizes with its mysterious secrets and riddles. Its architecture and interiors are loaded with special power and attractiveness. It is unusual for us however it is so magnetic. Today we’ll talk about Moroccan inspired living room designs. They are the best examples of the Eastern style.

Colors that aren’t traditional for our living rooms are ordinary for a Moroccan interior. They are tangerine, turquoise, red and pink, blue and yellow.

Although they are vivid, the patterns calm them down and permit you to calm down. A conventional fireplace, delicate candle lanterns, runners and rugs, low tables, hookahs, even tiles – all those decor pieces would assist you to make this atypical ambiance.

Neutral Moroccan Inspired Living Room Designs

If you have preference neutrals, choose a white or off-white space. Then, you can spruce it up with multi-colored textiles and accessories.

Colorful and decorative textiles, rugs, curtains, pillows, cushions will make up the whole space! If you include low carved coffee tables, traditional metal lanterns and leather ottomans, you’ll get a faultless Morocco-infused space.

A lot of home owners would like to maintain the space wholly neutral to provide it a sophisticated feel. Meanwhile, neutral Moroccan wedding blankets and rugs, metallic lanterns and light-stained tables create a chic look.

Moroccan Inspired Living Room Designs

A neutral living room with wonderful carved window screens. It surely reminds us of Moroccan living room style.

Moroccan Living Room With Carved Wood Furniture

A Moroccan living room with carved wood furniture, pillars, a unique traditional lantern and a cozy alcove with a bed.

White Moroccan Living Room With Mosaic Floor

A pure white Moroccan living room with a mosaic floor, an L-shaped sofa, a traditional unique lantern and a hammered plate on the wall.

Nook With Moroccan Styled Built-In Sofa

A neutral nook with a Moroccan styled built-in sofa, multicolored and decorative textiles and leather ottomans.

Neutral Moroccan Living Room Spruced Up With Carved Furniture

A neutral Moroccan living room spruced up with carved furniture, a cluster of pendant lamps and a unique mosaic fireplace.

Stylish Neutral Living Room With Touches Of Pink

A stylish neutral living room with touches of pink, an artistic artwork and an awesome pendant lamp.

Neutral Moroccan Living Room With Purple Touches

A neutral Moroccan living room spruced up with purple touches, carved and painted tables and pendant lamps.

See the complete 50+ relaxing Moroccan inspired living room design ideas at DigsDigs.

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