3 Fitted Wardrobe Designs For Fitted Bedroom Furniture

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Going for a fitted bedroom is a wise decision. Not only does it provide you with ultimate utility in terms of space and clearance it can also provide you with the ultimate style. The wardrobe is the main feature of fitted bedroom furniture. There are three different types of fitted wardrobe designs that you can go for depending upon your requirement and taste.

fitted wardrobe designs
Courtesy of Simply Fitted Wardrobes

The three styles are the full car-case built in wardrobe, frame construction built in wardrobe and sliding door built in wardrobe. Each one of these designs has its own benefits in terms of utility and design.

Car-case Built in Wardrobes

Car-case built in wardrobes are perhaps the easiest to incorporate into your bedroom. They are generally simpler in terms of looks design and utility as compared to the other two and can be dismantled easily in case you need to shift.

Whether you can make use of this kind of a built in wardrobe depends on the kind of room you have. They will not work with sloped ceilings plus it is difficult to find car-case wardrobes that are built around obstructions such as a chimney breast etc.

Frame Construction Wardrobes

Frame construction wardrobes on the other hand give you maximum storage space and are highly versatile, meaning they can be used in a room with sloping ceilings as well. You can set the depth of this closet to your liking and the kind of designs available in the market cover for obstructions.

But since these kinds of wardrobes don’t incorporate a backing panel you will first need to prepare your room wall. Frame construction wardrobes are generally difficult to install and can give you trouble when it comes to over the bed layouts.

Sliding Door Wardrobe Design

Sliding Door Wardrobe Design
Courtesy of Sleep Systems

The sliding door design gives you maximum ease and space utility. They are easy to manage and easy to install and come in handy in bedrooms that are cramped for space.

Another advantage of having a sliding door design fitted bedroom wardrobe is the fact that you can install a huge mirror on it which makes the whole room look bigger. Sliding door designs are also likely to be slightly cheaper than the other hinged door design wardrobes.

By knowing these fitted wardrobe designs, you will be able to know what the best wardrobe to install in your bedroom, said Madison Wolmer.

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