Unique Decorative Wall Mounted Coat Racks For Modern Classic Rooms

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Have you measured the option of a wall mount coat rack as a decorative item? Essentially, decorative wall mounted coat racks function as a place to hang coats, as opposed to slinging them over a chair.

 They are also great for hanging the jackets of house guests as they enter.

Form follows function, a general design expression, frequently applies here. The phrase “wall mount coat rack” brings to mind the representation of a rectangular hunk of wood, with metal hooks or wooden pegs to hold coats.

Though, a unique decorative model adds a charming touch to your home. Not only do they feature whimsical designs to enliven your room, but decorative coat racks also provide as functional pieces of art. With a lot of unique choices, there is an alternative for every space, not just the ones you would typically mull over.

decorative wood wall mounted coat rack
A rustic decorative wood wall mounted coat rack with metal hooks. It looks unique with the word LOVE spelled across the wooden frame.
vintage decorative wall mounted hat coat rack
A vintage decorative wall mounted hat coat rack. Creative circle shape design in black finish, featuring with 5 brown capped hangers on each circle, the coat hook can easily add a charming and vintage look to your space.
decorative black wall mounted metal coat rack
A decorative black wall mounted metal coat rack featuring the word “HOME” in large letters.
decorative manganese alloy steel mounted coat rack
A decorative manganese alloy steel mounted coat rack. It is very attractive and make your entryway, hallway or foyers look very stunning.
decorative wooden wall mounted coat rack with shelf
A classic antique decorative wooden wall mounted coat rack with shelf and 5 hanging hooks. Two screws attach this compact wall shelf to your wall; it is able to withstand the weight of coats, towels even mugs and will keep things in place and organized.

The Best Places to Put Decorative Wall Mounted Coat Racks

  • Right inside the Front Door

For logical reasons, this is the one location you have considered placing a coat rack. Not only is it well-situated for guests, but a decorative rack will be an immediate discussion piece.

 If your front door enters into a formal living area, consider something suitable for your decor. Or, if your room features a particular theme, there is unquestionably a design to match.

  • In The Basement

If you enter the basement all the way through a separate door, revamp the space with a decorative wall mount coat rack. When you arrive home from work, just hanging your coat inside the door gives you one less thing to be troubled about.

Plus, your coat will be there waiting tomorrow, when you have to get up and do it all over again. Numerous basements serve as family game rooms, lending themselves to fun designs, like one made of brass, featuring miniature pool balls on each hook.

  • In The Bedroom

 Kids have a tendency to toss their things wherever when they come home from school. A decorative rack gives them a correct place to hang their sweaters, jackets, and backpacks.

For additional organizational storage space, select a model with a shelf, or cubby holes designed to hold shoes, books, and school supplies.

Meanwhile, for adults, a decorative wall mount rack is great for hanging some items such as robes, house coats, and accessories. Keep jewelry tangle-free, or put in order handbags for a rapid view of your supply.

  • In The Bathroom

 If a wall mounted coat rack supports heavy coats, it is good to make use of it to hang bathroom towels. Mounted in a straight line beside the shower, towels stay within reach, or it can be mounted on the door, if you have a preference.

Whereas towel bars only give accommodation for a couple of bath towels, a coat rack with four hooks handily holds the whole family’s towels.

Getting a fun design to match most bathroom decor is easy, whether a whimsical fish or seashell design, or fabulous floral, is more your flavor.

  • In The Kitchen

In your kitchen, decorative wall mounted coat racks are perfect for showing antique kitchen utensils, or hanging pots and pans for quick access.

Over again, go for something to go with the style of your kitchen, whether contemporary, or country. Wonderful designs for the kitchen range from roosters to contemporary scrolls.

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